Buying YouTube Views: An Insight

If you aspire to compete with the big names on YouTube with your video, there are a few tricks that help. Buying YouTube views is one such option that gives your videos the required boost.

These views are not real, but it makes the video look as if it has been watched by several people.

Buying YouTube views comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us first consider the advantages.

  • It gives your video a head start. Not many viewers would want to spend time watching a new video that has not been viewed by many. If a video already has many views, a person might be tempted to watch it.
  • It increases the chances of having more subscribers and potential customers.
  • Buying YouTube views strengthens your credibility. More people will take you seriously.
  • When your video has a proof, that it has been socially accepted and viewed, it makes your marketing strategy more effective.
  • Your marketing campaign will also be taken seriously when backed by a substantial number of views.
  • It remarkably increases organic YouTube views. With a high ‘YouTube view’ count, viewers know that your video is worth their time.
  • Helps to increase your internet business in terms of e-commerce as well as leads.

Having seen the advantages, let us see the flipside of buying YouTube views

  • If you end up hiring a shady provider, chances are that your page will end up spammed. This might end up getting your page banned or terminated.
  • Buying YouTube views is considered unacceptable, since these views are not real.
  • Even though you buy views, you will need to campaign towards your target audience.
  • These are only views and they do not add any value to the comments section or lead to any relevant conversations.

These are the two sides of a coin, whether you choose to drop the idea or plan buying YouTube views is your decision. Each venture comes with a risk that you must weigh before deciding.

Essential Gear for Camping in Cold Weather

Camping in the cold is a lot more treacherous than regular camping, so it’s vital that you equip yourself with the right accessories and clothes so you can face the elements in confidence. I’ve compiled a list of the most essential gear you need for your cold weather camping expedition.

Clothes: Taking the right clothes with you is the most fundamental thing you can do. You’ll want some good base layers that are tight around the skin, and will dry easily should they get wet. Insulated middle layers to keep you cozy, and of course outer layers to protect you from any wind, snow and rain you might encounter on your trip.

Boots: A good pair of hiking boots is a must. Make sure you get something that’s comfortable and is a good fit. In particular make sure you have good ankle support.

Snow Shovel: If you’re going somewhere with a lot of snow, then a small snow shovel that you can fold up and attach to your backpack will be a real life saver.

Rucksack: A large rucksack that’s stable, secure and comfortable on your back. One that can hold all the extra gear you’ll need to bring along with you.

Extra Hat & Gloves: The last thing you want is for your hat and gloves to get wet. You’ll be in real trouble if that happens because you will lose so much heat through your head and hands. I personally like to pack 2 extra hats and 2 extra pairs of gloves, just to be on the safe side. If you only have one pair of gloves and they get wet, you are at risk of frost bite, so don’t skimp on this one, folks.

Extra Socks: Just like the suggestion to take the extra gloves and hats, you want to pack a bunch of extra socks. You’re at risk of frostbite if you don’t have adequate heating around your feet, so in the event your socks get wet, you’ll have plenty of spares to keep you going.