You may be a sure shot winner in gaming with superb timing, quickest reactions and precise targeting. All of these might be done by your fingers clicking on a mouse. You will be having a powerful mouse to steer through the game, but it can also steal the game away from you if used on a non-supporting surface. As special as a gaming mouse is, a gaming mouse pad is also equally special.

So choosing the right surface will be like choosing your gaming result.

Meet our products

The latest mouse pad from our company boasts of cutting edge features and has been made taking care of every minute gaming precision. The mouse pad gives you complete control and high speed over the mouse movements. The surface material is cloth with high thread count, and is roughened to improve precision and control. The underside is covered with anti-slippery solid rubber base making your mouse pad strongly fixed on the desk. This type of mouse pad is ideal for games which require the gamer to accurately hit targets and proceed with controlled movements.

Our second variant is specially designed for enhancing speed. The surface of the mouse pad has been made extremely smooth and flat without any hindrance for supporting ultra high speed mouse movements, with directional control. This product is ideal for games in which speed rules.

Need both speed and precision, our third variant combines both. One side is textured to support precision and the other side is made smooth and flat to enhance speed. It is truly a multi-purpose mouse pad for all-rounders.

General features

An important general feature of our mouse pads is that they are highly sensitive and responsive to mouse movements. The mouse pads come in five sizes to suit the gaming setup and gamer nature and are suitable for all types of mouse sensors. Anti-slip base fixes the mouse pad strongly on to the surface to ensure continuous gaming.

The mouse pads are light weight and washable and easily affordable.